Welcome to the first SiriusXM NBA Radio Top 25 player rankings! We selected 10 hosts and analysts from across our shows and had them rank their top 25 players under the following definition:

Rankings for the 2015-16 season are based on a consistent body of work over a period of seasons with a emphasis on how last season will translate into this year. I have taken into consideration the player’s impact on his team’s success, while factoring in his supporting cast, and taking into account injury concerns as well as age.

If a hosted ranked a player No. 1, the player received 25 points from that host; if a host ranked them No. 2 the player received 24 points from that host; etc. If a host did not rank a player, the player received zero points from that host.

Participants include Justin Termine, Mitch Lawrence, Jason Jackson, Noah Coslov, Tom Byrne, Mike Dunleavy Sr., Jared Greenberg, Brian Geltzeiler, Eddie Johnson and Gerald Brown.

Here are the players that received votes, but did not receive enough votes to make our Top 25:

NBA Radio Top 25 outside looking in

Al Horford stayed healthy last season, and led the upstart Hawks to 60 wins. That impressive feat meant he was much closer to making the Top 25 than No. 27, Dirk Nowitzki. However, part of the magic of the Hawks was they won without star players, as Al himself explained to Justin Termine and Mateen Cleaves during All-Star Weekend:

A group of really good players – but not great players – paced the Hawks last season, and that’s why it’s fitting Al Horford leads the “receiving votes” group.

Without further ado, here are the first five players on our official SiriusXM NBA Radio Top 25:

NBA Radio's Top 25: 25-21

The first five players our list includes some superstars with injury concerns, some superstars with defensive concerns, or in the case of Kevin Love, both.

Brian Geltzeiler cited those concerns as a reason for omitting Love from his list.

“I intentionally did not include Kevin Love because of his deficiencies on defense, his prior issues fitting into a team concept and his inability to stay healthy. He may have better days ahead of him as a Cavalier, but he’s yet to prove that he can be a main guy on a successful team, and failed in his only opportunity so far.”

The issues are only health related for Chris Bosh. He’s one of the most interesting players in the top 25, as he only received one vote in the 21-25 range. Some voters like Jared Greenberg (ranked Bosh No. 12) remember him as a superstar contributor, playing for a title team poised to challenge the Cavs in the East once again this year. Others, like Mitch Lawrence (left Bosh unranked), clearly remain leery of what he can do after missing half of last season with a blood clot. Lawrence spoke to Chris Bosh on The Starting Lineup last week, and Bosh said he’ll be ready to play at the start of training camp.

Find out who is ranked No. 20-16 tomorrow!

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