NBA home cookin’: How the Warriors and Spurs just keep on winning home games

We’ve all read about the fascinating and impossibly dominant run the Golden State Warriors have been on this season. It’s an historic run that has them flirting with the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls’ record of 72-10. In fact, as of today, the Warriors are slightly ahead of the pace set by that record-setting Bulls squad. Not surprisingly, the Warriors are flirting with another record owned by that Bulls team: most consecutive home wins in a row. What you may not know is that this season’s San Antonio Spurs are right there as well in the chase for most consecutive home wins in a row. How are the Spurs and Dubs doing this? Well, it’s fun and easy to explain: hyper-efficient defenses that force turnovers and extremely low FG% out of their opponent. Oh, and by the way, very effective and efficient offenses to boot. While nobody is confusing the Spurs for the Warriors on offense,nobody is confusing the Warriors for San Antonio on defense, either. Something that’s surprising? Golden State averages as many turnovers/game as it generates against opponents. Luckily, they also shoot an insane percentage from the floor, so, it’s cool.

Anyways, take a look at these infographics (that were built out by data from the inimitable and excellent basketball-reference) and bask in the insane, just bonkers numbers that the Spurs and Warriors are flaunting at home –and, largely, on the road, these are the NBA’s two best teams after all.



Infographic (4)





Infographic (5)

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