NASCAR will be implementing a new set of rules for the Sprint Cup Series at Kentucky Speedway for the July 11 race only. The new package has been designed in an attempt to create more passing and lead changes on the racetrack, and narrow the distance between drivers. SiriusXM’s NASCAR Radio was joined by driver Matt Kenseth, who shared his thoughts on the rules set.

“Everybody wants it to be easier to pass than what it is today, which is very very difficult right now,” Kenseth said. “Everybody wants to be able to see a faster car pass a slower car, so hopefully it’ll help that and make the racing a little bit better.”

Roush Fenway Racing general manager Robbie Reiser also spoke about the new package.

“I think it would be wrong to think that you’re going to show up at Kentucky and just have a totally different race and all of a sudden everything is going to be door to door,” said Reiser. “I’m sure not everything will fall into place on the very first time that you try it, but I think because everybody wants to give it an effort, that’s the important part.”

Joe Gibbs Racing Senior Vice President of Racing Operations Jimmy Makar commented on the difficulty preparing for the race, given the new rules.

“It’s going to be a challenge for sure,” Makar said. “We’ll have to go to work and try to re-balance the race cars and the wind tunnels in our simulations and try to get  to something that’s similar to what we’ve got.”

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