Napalm Death dethrones Suicide Silence on this week’s Liquid Metal Countdown (2/13/2015)

After leaping up the charts on Liquid Metal’s Devil’s Dozen Napalm Death’s How the Years Condemn has finally dethroned Suicide Silence from their three week stand at the top. Suicide Silence’s Inherit the Crown dropped out from number one all the way down to number four this week leaving room for a mix up in the top three. Machine Head’s Beneath the Silt  comes in at number two followed by Cannibal Corpse’s Kill or Become. Be sure to check out who else made the cut below!

12. Torche – “Undone”
11. Ringworm – “Exit Life”
10. Blind Guardian – “The Holy Grail”
09. Xibalba – “Enemigo”
08. The Last Ten Seconds Of Life – “Pain Is Pleasure”
07. Venom – “Long Haired Punks”
06. Periphery – “MK Ultra”
05. Slipknot – “Custer”
04. Suicide Silence – “Inherit The Crown”
03. Cannibal Corpse – “Kill Or Become”
02. Machine Head – “Beneath The Silt”
01. Napalm Death – “How The Years Condemn”

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