Music-versary: The events of Arlo Guthrie’s Alice’s Restaurant happened Thanksgiving 1965

Rolling Stone Magazine recently described the story behind the song;  “On Thanksgiving 1965, Arlo Guthrie visited friend Alice Brock and her husband at their home, a church in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, and did them a favor by taking out their garbage. The dump was closed that day, so Guthrie and a friend dropped the garbage off a cliff where other locals had previously dropped trash. Guthrie was arrested the following day, and the mark on his record miraculously kept him out of Vietnam by making him ineligible for the draft.”

What happened after the song was written and sung has become history.

In 1967, Guthrie wrote a hilarious song about the event, which occurred 50 years ago, but is enjoyed every Thanksgiving to this day by millions. And the song has changed throughout the years, inspiring many versions. SiriusXM The Village plays four different versions on Thanksgiving throughout the day.  Meanwhile, Arlo tours this year commemorating the song with his family and has taken to social media!  You will find him posting his original photographs and thoughtful writings on a regular basis.  His fans love his posts and remain fervent.

What has happened every year since the song’s inception is most powerful.  When listening, you will most likely find yourself laughing at our litterbugs, the justice system, and military recruitment at the least.  Yes, this song has political thread that is tightly woven with a brilliant comic story.

And there, folks, is the beauty of it all – the freedom to openly laugh and enjoy this brilliant song every Thanksgiving. For this, I am grateful.

You can get anything you want at Alice’s Restaurant …

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