Morning Men Recap: Alyssa Milano, David Duchovny drop by and Babs teaches golf (?)


There are so many things that I learn on Morning Men on Mad Dog Sports Radio (Sirius XM 82)! However, what I learn each week is not what everyone else has learned, making the “What Babchik learned this week” segment not only a fun listen, but an educational one as well…


ALYSSA MILANO!                

One of our favorite people to talk to came on the show this week and we were pumped! Alyssa Milano came into studio and since we had her on before she remembered us right? Let’s find out…


DAVID DUCHOVNY!                 

Legendary actor David Duchovny was in studio this week and he was amazing. Listen to David talk about working on the X-Files, giving my neckbeard a nickname, being allergic to wedding rings and his new book Bucky F*cking Dent!



Every Wednesday on Morning Men it’s Draft Day! This week we saw that Dale Earnhardt Jr. tweeted out a picture of a mayo and banana sandwich, which he eats all the time, so… the weird food that you eat on the regular draft was born. Long title but a great draft!


ROLLIE MASSIMINO!               

The big story this week was the NCAA Championship game and the huge win by Villanova! After watching that amazing ending and seeing Villanova there was one guy we had to have on! Former head coach and ‘Nova great Rollie Massimino came on to talk about the win and celebrate the championship!



What a week for Morning Men and I can’t wait till next week! This weekend I’m going to watch the masters while my wife yells at me. It’s a tradition unlike any other…

Babchik OUT!


You can listen to Morning Men Weekdays between 6-10am EST on Mad Dog Sports Radio. Follow Mike Babchik (@Babchik) & Evan Cohen (@EvcoRadio) on twitter for all the latest happenings with the Morning Men!

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