Morning B/Reakaway Week 12 NFL takeaways: Romo, Wilson, Falcons

Following Sunday’s slate of NFL games, Josh Zerkle and Dan Levy of the SiriusXM Bleacher Report Radio Morning B/Reakaway dig into three Week 12 story lines.

1. Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys are the real deal

Romo passed for 275 yards, four touchdowns and no interceptions in the Cowboys’ come-from-behind Sunday night win over the Giants, 31-28.

Levy: This win for Dallas feels a little bit like a signature win. It’s a bad Giants team, but to come back, for Romo to have this moment on national TV, you know everyone talks about the Romo narrative …

Zerkle: Usually on a nationally televised game for the Cowboys, it’s where we’ve seen those spectacular Romo flame outs. That wasn’t the case here. We feel like, not just in the narrative, too, but in terms of the way this team has played on the field, the way they’re being coached, it feels like the Cowboys have turned a corner. It feels like they’re finally ready to be competitive, to make a playoff run.

2. Mike Smith booked his ticket out of Atlanta

Smith’s Falcons lost to the Cleveland Browns 26-24, thanks to a last-second field goal by Billy Cundiff.

Levy: Mike Smith cost them the game. With 55 seconds left to go in the game, and third-and-2 at the Cleveland 35-yard line, you have Matt Bryant who can wail 52-yarders in his sleep, they are within field goal range; they call timeout, and then throw a pass on third down? Matt Bryant kicks the field goal with 49 seconds to go, you go up 24-23, and you give the Browns the ball with three timeouts with 45 seconds to go in the game?

Zerkle: He will be fired at the end of the year. That is the smoking gun that Arthur Blank didn’t have last year … This is on Mike Smith entirely. He’s not going to survive this, not the way the team played last year, not the way the team played this year. If he wasn’t gone before – and I’m not saying he was or wasn’t – he’s gone now. This is inexplicable.

3. Was that Russell Wilson‘s greatest performance?

Wilson passed for 211 yards and a touchdown, and rushed for another 73 yards, in a 19-3 win against the Arizona Cardinals.

Levy: Russell Wilson never looks overmatched. He may be playing against a very good defense, be he never looks overmatched.

Zerkle: He’s so smart. I think “magician” is sort of a hokey way to put it, but he’s just so athletic. The athleticism he brings to the position isn’t like Colin Kaepernick – he’s not like a gazelle running around out there. He’s more like a shortstop or a point guard, just the way he kind of shimmies a little bit, and gets the ball where it needs to go.

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