Moby takes over SiriusXM Chill: New and old EDM favorites all weekend long

Moby was around before electronic dance music hit mainstream airwaves, launching his career in the EDM scene in the early 1990s. Since then, the EDM mogul has released 10 studio albums and won multiple Grammy and MTV Awards.

To celebrate the release of his 11th studio album Innocents, Moby is taking over SiriusXM Chill. He’ll be spinning his favorite tracks, both new and old, along with brand new tracks from his album all weekend long!

Before house, techno and EDM broke through the underground music world, Moby says he used to face ridicule. Listen to hear why he feels “vindicated” by the current mainstream approval.

Unlike most genres of music, Moby says that EDM does not rely directly on artist-based music sales. EDM artists stay relevant for a time period longer than other artists.

“It’s really easy to be current and good because you’re playing great records from other people.”

Despite the rise of EDM, Moby is not keen on the use of mainstream records at festivals.

Tune in to SiriusXM Chill, channel 53, all weekend long for more Moby!

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