MLB Network Radio’s postseason predictions, from the Wild-Card rounds to the World Series champion

It’s the MLB Playoffs and our stable of MLB Network Radio experts have their predictions set from the wild-card round all the way through the World Series. Check out all of our hosts’ picks and if you’re from the Chicagoland area try to act surprised at our Series champion.


Divisional Round

AL Wild Card vs. Texas Rangers:

Consensus: Rangers

Sorry, Orioles and Blue Jays. According to our experts and analysts, there’s little doubt that the Rangers will inevitably come out on top against either team when the Divisional series rolls around. They received a whopping 20 of 25 possible votes.

(It probably helps when you have a player Cal Ripken Jr. called possibly the “best third baseman to ever play.”)

Boston Red Sox vs. Cleveland Indians:

Consensus: Red Sox

Another emphatic decision. More than 20 of our 25 voters have selected Big Papi and the Red Sox to make it at least to the ALCS. That means they’ll get by the AL Central-winning Cleveland Indians despite home-field advantage.

NL Wild Card vs. Chicago Cubs:

Consensus: Cubs

Could this be the year the Chicago Cubs finally get rid of that pesky curse? One step at a time, buddy. First, they’ll have to get through either the San Francisco Giants or New York Mets. That’s no easy task, but the majority of MLB Network Radio’s hosts agree that they’ll be victorious in the Divisional round.

Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Washington Nationals:

Consensus: Dodgers

Boasting an above-average offense, another solid rotation of pitchers and a reliable bullpen, it’s not hard to see why 19 of our 25 voters think the Los Angeles Dodgers will outlast the Washington Nationals en route to a date with the Cubs in the NLCS.


League Championship Round

American: Boston Red Sox vs Texas Rangers

Consensus: Red Sox

BoSox magic? Some storybook ending for Big Papi? Nah, Boston is just that much better than the rest of the AL. Texas, it’s important to emphasize, did garner 11 votes from our experts, so it’s not like Boston is an overwhelming favorite, but our experts do think they’ll advance to the World Series.

National: Los Angeles Dodgers vs Chicago Cubs

Consensus: Cubs

It’s been 71 years and counting since the Cubs went to the World Series (to say nothing of winning it) and our experts think that 2016 is the year the Cubbies get off the pennant schneid. An overwhelming arsenal of bats and dominant pitching tends to do that for a team’s fortunes and Chicago is no different.

World Series

Boston Red Sox vs Chicago Cubs

Consensus: Cubs

One pollster had a write-in vote of the world ending with the Cubs holding a 3-1 series advantage. Apocalypse withstanding, the North Siders will be celebrating their first World Series title in over a century. Twelve MLB Network Radio experts picked the Chicago Cubs to take the World Series. While exorcising a century’s-worth of bad juju is nice and all, a Cubs victory would also prove the writes of Back to the Future II vaguely prescient (fans of the film will recall the Cubs winning in 2015.)

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