Mike Marrone says it’s an honor to dedicate The Loft to The David Bowie Channel

The death of David Bowie is not simply another “rock star” passing. It is the loss of an artist who has consistently challenged his audience with forward thinking, multi-dimensional work. He never dumbed it down to the lowest common denominator; but instead crossed genres, race, sexuality, fashion and anything thrust in his path with style and passion.

Speaking for the entire staff I can say we are truly honored to use our channel to offer David Bowie this tribute. There have been no back room deals, strong-arming or corporate machinations involved. If I had said no, they would have simply used another channel. But I feel that the music of David Bowie is exactly what The Loft is all about—diverse, challenging, inspiring, innovative and essential.

The Loft will be back on Tuesday, January 19 at 3 am ET with Loft After Dark and I will be on at 6 at ET with The Wake Up Sets. All of the programming that was preempted for Bowie will air next week.

Mike Marrone, host and programmer on The Loft (Ch. 30)

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