Micky Dolenz describes chaotic moment he realized The Monkees were famous

Micky Dolenz was so caught off guard by the success of The Monkees that he thought a fire must have broken out the first time he was rushed by fans.

“I jump in my car and I drive down to the local mall, where I’d shopped every Christmas for years since I was a child,” he described on VOLUME‘s True Stories with Kurt Loder. “And I pull into the parking lot, and I get out of the car. And I have my Christmas list, and I go in through the big glass doors. And all of a sudden, people start running at me and screaming. I thought there was a fire. I did. And I’m holding the door open, going, ‘Don’t panic! This way! Don’t run!’ Until I finally realized they were running at me. And that’s the first inkling I got that something was going on.”

Elsewhere in the interview with Loder, Dolenz recalled sitting in on a recording session with The Beatles, starring in Jack Nicholson and Bob Rafelson’s film Head, how the band felt about their titular TV show and more.

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