The best way to showcase your athleticism as a quarterback? Breaking open big running plays from inside the pocket, Michigan quarterback Devin Gardner told Jack Arute and Gene Chizik on the 2013 College Sports Nation Training Camp Tour.

“I feel like the pocket presence is something that gives you a better chance to run,” Gardner said. “When [the defense] knows you’re gonna run, it’s a little harder to show how athletic you are, and they can stop you a little easier. When things break down and you begin to run, then you can really show your real athletic ability, and I feel like it’s really hard for  defenses to stop you.”

Gardner also spoke with Arute and Chizik about what it means to him to be in the Heisman Trophy discussion.

While in Michigan, SiriusXM College Sports Nation also talked with head coach Brady Hoke, who discussed the way the Wolverines football program believes the game should be played.

Wednesday’s trip to Michigan marked the end of the 2013 College Sports Nation Training Camp Tour. Tune in to channel 91 throughout the season for college football coach and player interviews, previews and analysis.

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