Michael Moore says we need to take Donald Trump seriously: ‘He’s so good at the con’

When Donald Trump, a real estate mogul turned reality star who has never held elected office, announced his bid for president last June, much of the media treated him like a loud-mouthed diversion. Almost a year later, he’s the presumptive nominee for president — and filmmaker Michael Moore thinks it’s past time to take him seriously.

“He’s going to walk back a lot of his crazy,” Moore said in a SiriusXM Town Hall hosted by Insight’s Pete Dominick.

“Luckily, we’ve got the Internet,” Dominick cracked, referring to Trump’s incendiary comments about women and Latinos.

“Well yes, but then again, even when he just flips, it doesn’t matter,” said Moore, 62. “Isn’t that kind of the sad part of this? He is so good at the con. He is so good at this. He had a very popular television show. I don’t know why anybody didn’t think he wasn’t going to do well. People like that fake, alpha male thing of his.”

Moore — whose new documentary, Where to Invade Next, examines the progressive politics and modern socialism of different countries — recalled meeting Trump, 69, on a talk show about 15 years ago, when The Apprentice boss seemed nervous.

“He got there and he found out I was the other guest, and he went to the producer. ‘What’s he gonna do to me? What’s he gonna say?'” Moore said. “The producer goes, ‘He’s really nervous about you. Can you, like, calm him down?'”

And then there’s the running joke over the size of his hands: Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter called him a “short-fingered vulgarian” in the 1980s, but Trump has insisted on the campaign trail that they’re “normal.”

“I shook his hand …” Moore said.

“Tiny like a baby?” asked Dominick, 40.

“Well, they just felt like a normal guy’s hands,” Moore said. “I mean, my position on shaking a guy’s hand is that size doesn’t matter.”

The full interview airs Thursday at 6 pm ET on SiriusXM  Insight (Ch.121), with replays Saturday at 4 pm ET and Sunday at 6 am ET.

And after the Town Hall, Dominick asked Moore some bonus questions: Why do you have two phones like an elitist? Who are you wearing? Boxers or briefs? Watch the ridiculousness here:

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