Seth Meyers talks about his friend Brian Williams, the exclusive SNL 40 after party and more

Seth Meyers has been privy to some of the biggest entertainment news stories in the last month, and Howard Stern recently sat down with the comedian and late night talk show to get the dirt. In their hour-long interview, the pair talked about everything from Allison Williams’ unexpected sex scene in GIRLS, Brian Williams’ recent public embarrassment and the impromptu performances that took place at the SNL 40 After Party.

Earlier this month, Meyers interviewed Allison Williams, star of HBO’s GIRLS and daughter of Brian Williams, during which he felt he had to ask her about her father’s recent public shaming over embellished war stories he’s been telling for years.

Here Meyers talks about why he asked Allison about her father’s situation compared to why he’s stayed away from it on his talk show. Oh! And he has a few thoughts on Allison’s infamous sex scene, too.

Then, Meyers dishes the details on the exclusive 40th anniversary of SNL, honing in on Eddie Murphy’s appearance and refusal to play Bill Cosby in a sketch.

We all got to enjoy the show, but the SNL 40 After Party was off limits to regular folks like us. Meyers lets us in on the action, telling us how some of the famous faces in attendance like to party.

Finally, Meyers talks about his late-night competition James Corden who is set to host The Late Late Show on CBS at the same time as Late Night with Seth Meyers on NBC.

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