Metallica tops Liquid Metal Devil’s Dozen Countdown (1/27/17)

Metallica tops the Liquid Metal Devil’s Dozen once again with Spit Out The Bone.

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February 1, 2017

Metallica tops the Liquid Metal Devil’s Dozen once again with Spit Out The Bone. Gojira’s Only Pain takes number two followed by Suicide Silence’s Doris at number three. Coming in at number four is Sepultura’s Phantom Self with Kreator’s Satan Is Real closing out the top five. Check out the full list below!

12. Obituary – “Sentence Day”
11. Six Feet Under – “Sacrificial Kill”
10. Darkest Hour – “Knife In The Safe Room”
09. Red Fang – “Cut It Short”
08. Kyng – “Breathe In The Water”
07. Iron Reagan – “Bleed The Fifth”
06. Testament – “Stronghold”
05. Kreator – “Satan Is Real”
04. Sepultura – “Phantom Self”
03. Suicide Silence – “Doris”
02. Gojira – “Only Pain”
01. Metallica – “Spit Out The Bone”

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