‘Members of the public might erupt:’ Will Ferguson’s grand jury indict Officer Darren Wilson?

Ferguson, MO has been making headlines since August 9. On that day, Officer Darren Wilson fatally shot 18-year-old Michael Brown. The confrontation has sparked self-defense stories from all sides, resulting in a heated conversation about race relations and the power of our nation’s protectors. According to the autopsy report that was published by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Brown was unarmed and shot at least six times. A grand jury has convened to decide whether to indict Officer Wilson for murder or manslaughter, and that decision is anticipated to be revealed in the coming days. Michael Brown’s family attorney Anthony Grey recently phoned in to Make It Plain with Mark Thompson to discuss the state of affairs in Missouri’s current powder keg.

“[If Darren Wilson is not indicted] there is this great potential that members of the public might erupt,” Grey said. “Socially, I don’t know where we go. Legally, we have some other options. We have the option of advancing our own civil suit against the city of Ferguson Police Department and also Darren Wilson. Rest assured that those options are going to be thoroughly explored, and chances are, we’re going to advance that regardless of what the outcome of the grand jury will be.”

Thompson, who visited Ferguson shortly after Brown’s death, also spoke with Reverend Robert White on what the grand jury’s decision will mean for race relations nationwide.

“We realize now that we have to fight in unity the way that our adversaries are fighting in unity. The day that we all come together is going to be the most dangerous day for those who have attacked us for the amount of time that they have attacked us,” Reverend White said. “This country is a sad example of democracy. Whether it’s Portland, Oregon. Whether is’s Cincinnati, Ohio. Whether it’s the Bronx in New York. These Michael Brown incidents – it has happened far, far too often.”

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