A lot has happened over this season of The Walking Dead – not to mention in just the last few episodes. In what may have been one of the most pivotal moments during last Sunday’s show, Carol Peletier was left abandoned on the side of the road by Rick Grimes. After Carol admitted to killing Karen and David, Rick decided that banishing her from the prison would be the best option.

To share her thoughts on Carol’s latest predicament, Melissa McBride – who plays the gutsy character – recently chatted with EW Morning Live. McBride admitted that she was absolutely “floored” when she read the script for the episode. In her opinion, she wouldn’t have kicked Carol out of the group as it was such a cruel move.

“This is great stuff to me, this is important stuff, devastating stuff. This world that they’re living in is so mean,” she said.

So is Carol ever coming back to the show? To find out this and more of McBride’s thoughts check out the clip below. And don’t forget to listen to the exclusive interview in its entirety on your own time, On Demand.

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