Melissa Etheridge on fame being a ‘double-edged sword’ and playing the cancer card to get out of plans

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Rock singer-songwriter, breast cancer survivor and activist Melissa Etheridge has just released her 12th studio album, This Is M.E., and to celebrate, she stopped by SiriusXM OutQ to chat with Larry Flick about being in the public eye and the advice she gives to cancer patients (and fellow survivors).

“I’ve learned that fame is a double-edged sword,” said Etheridge. “You can have people know all the great things about you, but you can’t keep all the not-so-great things about you out of the public view.”

Etheridge continued: “I’ve lived with [fame] for 20 years now… Totally realizing this and watching it, and knowing that there is nothing on earth I can do to change anyone’s mind who has an opinion — especially this day in social media. Oh my god, you just gotta have really thick skin. And know that the thing about this world is that we’re not always going to agree.”

Etheridge also commented on the advice she gives to cancer patients and survivors. “People come up to me all the time — people who are battling cancer, whatever situation they’re in, and I tell them, ‘Hey, good for you! You now have the best excuse. You can say, ‘Nope, can’t do that: CANCER.'”

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