Meghan Trainor on fame, dealing with 4 am wake-up calls + J-Law’s ‘bangin’ nude photos

All About That Bass singer Meghan Trainor visited the Morning Mash Up on SiriusXM Hits 1, where she gabbed with the guys about everything from what to do if someone leaks your nude photos to how no one’s actually a morning person.

First things first: What was it like writing All About That Bass? Did it take a while to write, or did the words come quickly?

“Well, with [producer] Kevin Kadish, these songs came in an hour, and it was easy,” said Meghan. “But sometimes as a songwriter you go into a session and it’s brutal. You’re just sitting there for hours, like, on this one line that you can’t get, and you’re like, ‘Move on.'”

Later, the convo turned to the recent barrage of celebrity nude photos, which have mysteriously appeared on sites like 4chan and Reddit. Meghan remained coy regarding the contents of her iPhone, but she did take am moment to address Jennifer Lawrence’s photo leak.

“Jennifer Lawrence, she was scared [the nude photos] would ruin her career… I saw ’em, and she looked bangin’.”

Meghan, who started out as a songwriter and producer, expressed a continued sense of surprise that she wound up famous from a song she assumed she’d write for someone else.

“We looked at each other and were like, we’ll never make a dime off of this. No one will ever cut this. It had to be a new artist, and we were like, we’ll just wait for her, I guess. And he looked at me and was like, you’re the artist. Let’s do an EP.”

Finally, Meghan got a few words in on how little sleep one gets when one is a pop star. Sounds like the 4 am wake-up calls are the worst.

“It’s just the 4 am wake-up calls. What’s up with that?? I get home at 10 from a show, I wake up a 4 to get on a plane. I was like, ughhh, when is naptime?”

Sounds pretty rough, but at least Meghan has T-Pain, who always gets her through a trip to the gym.

“I haven’t been to the gym in a second, you know? But when I did [go], before all of this crazy stuff, they had me get a trainer, because they were like, ‘Life is gonna be crazy for you, you should probably work out.’ I was like, ‘Ugh, OK.’ Every other day, I would do four to five miles on the treadmill. Which is brutal, but if you run four and walk one, you can do it. And then T-Pain all the way.”

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