Megan Rapinoe Opens Up About the Future of USWNT and Her Health

In a recent appearance on SiriusXM FC Radio’s Played In with Heather O’Reilly & Lori Lindsey, soccer superstar Megan Rapinoe shed light on her current state of mind, her passion for the game, and her role with the US Women’s National Team. With the FIFA World Cup on the horizon, Rapinoe’s thoughts on her health, the team’s dynamics, and the emerging talents set the stage for an exciting journey ahead.

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“[I’m] feeling good [health-wise]. It’s nice to have a lot of games before the rosters [are] announced. Everyone gets to play, and play in the environments they’re comfortable in,” shared Rapinoe.

Her words reverberated with optimism, highlighting the importance of staying physically fit and mentally prepared. As one of the key figures in women’s soccer, Rapinoe’s presence on the field is paramount to the success of the USWNT.

With her unmistakable enthusiasm for the game, Rapinoe expressed her ongoing joy in playing, crediting the ability of teams like OL Reign to clinch championships as a driving force behind her motivation.

“I think I’m just still really enjoying it. I’m so lucky to be able to play for a coach like Laura [Harvey], and to have the squad that we do, being really competitive, continuing to push me.”

When asked about her role with the USWNT, Rapinoe wholeheartedly agreed with the expectations and responsibilities placed upon her. She recognizes that her experience, leadership, and dedication can contribute significantly to the team’s success. “As you get older, at least I think I have a responsibility to give everything that I possibly can to other players while still taking care of myself and getting the most out of it that I possibly can.”

Rapinoe acknowledged the importance of bridging the gap between the coaches and players, emphasizing the need for effective communication and interpretation of strategies from the sidelines. Despite doubts surrounding the current state of the USWNT, Rapinoe remained resolute in her belief that the team can overcome any challenges that lie ahead.

She revealed her recent sensory overload due to the multitude of events transpiring on and off the field, but her dedication for the sport has kept her focused and ready to face whatever comes her way.

Looking towards the future, Rapinoe expressed excitement about the emergence of young talents such as Mallory Swanson, Sophia Smith, and Trinity Rodman. “This is going to be a lot of people’s first World Cup, or kind of their first experience in a major tournament, and you have to enjoy it as well. Like it can’t just all be so serious.”

To gain further insights into Megan Rapinoe’s thoughts and aspirations, be sure to tune in to SiriusXM FC Radio’s Played In with Heather O’Reilly & Lori Lindsey via the SXM App.

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