Meet Bleacher Report Radio: Aroldis Chapman or Miguel Cabrera?

SiriusXM Bleacher Report Radio, found on XM channel 208 and Sirius channel 93, delivers engaging content from one of the leading digital sports destinations. Among the channel’s hosts are writers and contributors to Bleacher Report. We’re getting to know the hosts on this channel through a series of sports-related questions that range from the informative to the absurd.

Would you rather step in the batter’s box against Aroldis Chapman, or pitch to Miguel Cabrera?

Ryan Bailey, co-host of Soccer Sunday

I have no idea what a “batter’s box” is or who those people are! Definitely Miguel Cabrera though.

Will Carroll, co-host of the B/R Afternoon Drive

I’ll pitch.​

Nick Kostos, co-host of the B/R Fantasy Football Show

I would sooner walk into traffic than step into the batter’s box against Aroldis Chapman.

Dan Levy, co-host of The Morning B/Reakaway

Which gives me the least chance of getting hit by a 100mph fastball? Miggy for sure.

Jason Goff, co-host of the B/R Afternoon Drive

Easy. Cabrera. I have no explanation. Just seems like a pretty easy question.

Eric Mack, co-host of the B/R Fantasy Football Show

Neither? Both might knock my lights out because I wouldn’t be able to react to a ball at my moneymaker. I guess I would like to stand in against a 100 mph fastball just to see what it’s like.

Barrett Sallee, co-host of College Football Hangover

Step in against Chapman. I can hit a little bit.

Will Tidey, co-host of Soccer Sunday

I’d bat. If you strike out, you’re just like most of the other major league guys. If you swing with your eyes closed and get really, really lucky, there’s a lot of juice on that pitch to benefit from. My pitching concern would be throwing a ball anywhere near close enough to Cabrera that he could reach it.

Nicole Zaloumis, co-host of The B/R Spotlight

In baseball and in life, I swing for the fences!

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