Meet Bleacher Report Radio: A B/R slam dunk contest

SiriusXM Bleacher Report Radio, found on XM channel 208 and Sirius channel 93, delivers engaging content from one of the leading digital sports destinations. Among the channel’s hosts are writers and contributors to Bleacher Report. We’re getting to know the hosts on this channel through a series of sports-related questions that range from the informative to the absurd.

What’s the tallest basketball hoop you can dunk on? And in a slam dunk contest, what dunk would you break out in the final round?

Ryan Bailey, co-host of Soccer Sunday

I’m far too British to have ever played basketball before … How do I enter this contest?

Will Carroll, co-host of the B/R Afternoon Drive

8-foot … Smart-enough-to-sit-on-the-sidelines-and-not-look-bad dunk.

Jason Goff, co-host of the B/R Afternoon Drive

Now? Maybe a nine-footer. … I’d lay the ball up and go have a drink.

Nick Kostos, co-host of the B/R Fantasy Football Show

No comment … The Dee Brown “Eyes Closed,” of course. Minus the Reebok Pumps, because they suck.

Dan Levy, co-host of The Morning B/Reakaway

In college I could dunk a tennis ball on a regulation net. Now, I’ve got a wicked Nerf game … As for a final dunk, you can never go wrong with a dunk that starts by pumping up your high tops.

Eric Mack, co-host of the B/R Fantasy Football Show

Probably and 8-footer only. I am not tall, but I have a very short vertical … For a final dunk, I would probably whip out some kind of backflip approach to a 360. This is fantasy, right?

Barrett Sallee, co-host of College Football Hangover

I could probably dunk on a nine-footer … Any trick dunks for me would likely end very badly.

Will Tidey, co-host of Soccer Sunday

I can dunk in my kids’ basket when it’s cranked all the way down to 8 feet … In a dunk contest, I’d break out a little flick up and back-heeled volley. I’m English after all.

Nicole Zaloumis, co-host of The B/R Spotlight

My boy’s Fisher Price hoop. Mom has mad skills! … N/A. I am a competitor and athletically gifted, but I can guarantee that I will never be in a slam dunk contest!

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