Maynard James Keenan recalls finding out his friend was performing during the attacks at Le Bataclan in Paris

Puscifer released a new video yesterday for their song The Remedy off their most recent album Money Shot, which dropped at the end of October. The day should have been celebratory, however, the band members are still reeling from the events of Friday’s terrorist attacks on Le Bataclan in Paris.

Although it’s been emotional for many of us, the members of Puscifer had a personal connection with one of the musicians present during the attack, Matt McJunkins, who plays with Puscifer and A Perfect Circle and was the touring bassist for Eagles of Death Metal – the band that was performing at La Bataclan the night of the attacks in Paris.

Speaking to Octane host Grant Random, Maynard James Keenan and Mat Mitchell recalled finding out about their friend’s situation.

“It was an awful 24 hours of just trying to figure out where he was,” the Puscifer/Tool/A Perfect Circle vocalist said. “Junk had gotten a hold of somebody’s cell phone in the venue and texted or called his significant other to say he was pinned down, that the rest of the band got out but that he did not and then that’s all we heard. We were basically in the dark for the next 12 hours waiting to hear anything.”

Even when it was announced that the authorities had arrived, they still hadn’t heard from their friend.

“We had no idea if he was a casualty or not,” MJK explained. “Of course we were up all night and freaking out, so the show the next day was understandably … we were just exhausted. It was just kind of hard to hold back the emotions a little bit. It was not our favorite show. You [can] barely [perform]. And we weren’t in [Paris], but just the thought of our friend going through it. We don’t even know what he saw yet. We have no idea if he saw all this or whether he was hiding under [something]. I have no idea. I don’t know that he wants to talk about it.”

These attacks have not only impacted the Eagles of Death Metal and their fans, but the entire music community. Bands now have these events in the back of their minds when they perform. However, Keenan’s advice is to keep living, but be alert.

“I think it’s just wise to be aware of the world we live in now. You don’t have to be paranoid and hide under a rock or not go out, but you have to be conscious and aware that this is a different world than it was ten years ago, 15 years ago,” he said. “Just be aware of things without it completely crippling you and disabling you as far as living your life and creating and living the lives our parents [before us] provided. Just don’t slow down, don’t stop what you’re doing. But maybe just be a little more aware.”

Puscifer is currently touring North America in support of Money Shot with dates scheduled through December 14.

Our thoughts continue to be with the victims and the families of these horrendous attacks.

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