With the first pick of the 4th Annual SiriusXM Celebrity Fantasy Football Draft, Maurice Jones-Drew selected…

Maurice Jones-Drew?

The Jaguars running back led off the event, which aired on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio, by naturally taking himself. Jones-Drew was among a league full of big names, including Jay Thomas (who took the super-sleeper Chargers defense in the first round), Robert Wuhl, actor Jim Belushi and 2011 league champion WWE wrestler The Miz.

The Miz prompted the taunt of the night in the second round, when he took Atlanta Falcons running back Steven Jackson. One of the fans in the packed house shouted, “Really!?,” one of The Miz’s signature WWE taunts.

Head over to SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio for replay schedules of the event, and keep an eye out on the SiriusXM blog for videos from the red carpet and more from the event.

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