Last night, in the bottom of the sixth inning of the Washington Nationals-San Diego Padres game, Bryce Harper hobbled around after hitting a grounder to first that seemingly resulted in an out. But Harper stepped back in the box, claiming that the ball was fouled off of his foot. The home plate umpire bought it, the at-bat continued, and Harper reached base and later scored on a Ryan Zimmerman grand slam.

According to the replay, though, it’s clear that the ball missed Harper’s foot completely on what should have been an inning-ending play – and his acting job led to the Nationals scoring four runs.

On SiriusXM’s MLB Network Radio, Nationals manager Matt Williams defended the 22-year-old, calling acts such as Harper’s a common occurrence in the game.

“Everybody wants to win,” Williams said. “You do what you can on the baseball field to help your team. And that’s the way everybody plays the game. Again, integrity, morality, all of that stuff, that’s a little deep at this point for sliding and trapping a ball and trying to get a call in the outfield.”

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