Matt Bomer talks The Normal Heart, his drastic weight loss + admiration for NFL draftee Michael Sam

Matt Bomer recently joined OutQ‘s Frank DeCaro Show to speak about everything from his role as Felix Turner on HBO’s The Normal Heart to his pride for NFL draftee Michael Sam.

A screen adaptation of Larry Kramer’s 1985 play, The Normal Heart is directed by Ryan Murphy and tells the story of an outspoken gay activist named Ned Weeks (played by Mark Ruffalo) who commits himself to raising awareness about the burdening AIDS crisis in New York City.

Bomer, who read Kramer’s play when he was only 14 years old in suburban Texas, describes the film as “a real honor and a privilege to be a part of,” as he has loved the play for over 20 years. “The fact that I got to do [the play] on film for HBO, which has given it such a life with the marketing and awareness, is just really a dream come true.”

While HBO has certainly worked to give life to the film, Bomer, who plays Weeks’ boyfriend Felix Turner, committed himself to The Normal Heart just as strongly. One of the most drastic transformations Bomer underwent in his role as Felix was losing more than 35 pounds. “It was something I had to have tremendous willpower and just commit and every time I was tempted, I just thought ‘OK, do it for the boys, do it for the boys, and the girls,’ of that generation of people who suffered during that time.” Even at Bomer’s most physically fragile, he “still felt this profound appreciation for life and this will to live,” which he strove to portray in his role as Felix.

Bomer also spoke of his admiration for NFL draftee Michael Sam, who openly embraced his boyfriend upon being drafted by the St. Louis Rams, which, in his words was “just a beautiful thing to get to see.” “I can’t believe how blessed we are to live in these times, that this can happen,” noted Bomer.

Bomer, who is himself openly gay, also stressed the importance of his family. During an acceptance speech for an award, Bomer did not shy away from acknowledging his husband and children, as “it was important for [his kids] to experience that authenticity.” Bomer therefore decided to “treat [his award] like anyone would treat it, regardless of their sexuality”. When he received his award, Bomer said, “I did what anyone would do, I thanked my family.”

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