Matt Bomer talks about naked ‘Magic Mike’ bonding, Montgomery Clift biopic and more

Matt Bomer chatted with The Frank DeCaro Show on SiriusXM OutQ this week about his role in Magic Mike XXL and more. Here’s (some of) what we learned!

Getting in shape for Magic Mike was a team effort. Sometimes a naked team effort.

“[The training was] insane, and I actually learned so much from these other guys. I mean I thought I knew how to get in shape, and they’d be like, ‘Are you eating a sweet potato right now?’ and I’d be like ‘Yeah,’ and they’d be like, ‘Aw, don’t do that after 2 p.m. … It was pretty rigorous, but like I said, we had each other, and there is something about having to get naked together in front of a group of strangers that really does bond you together as a cast.”

Bomer went to college with Joe Manganiello.

“I’ve known Joe since we were 18. We went to college together at Carnegie Mellon. It’s just been so amazing to get to work with somebody that I’ve known for so long.”

He sings in the Magic Mike sequel.

“That is really all a testament to Channing and Joe and just getting to work with generous people. They were kind of trying to find ways for everybody to get to have a little moment in the film … It’s one thing to just have to dance and strip in front of nine hundred people but to also be singing live while you’re doing it, it was pretty daunting.”

He’s pumped to work with Lady Gaga on American Horror Story.

“I’m so excited. I start pretty much right when we finish he press tour for [Magic Mike XXL]. I wish I could tell you a lot — all I can say with confidence is it’s a rich, dark tapestry that the brilliant Ryan Murphy has put together this season. I mean, it is dark. All the storylines are very very strong. I’m really excited to work with Lady Gaga …and I get to work with not only her, who I’m a huge fan of as an artist, but also with these great bucket list actors.”

HBO’s Montgomery Clift biopic is still in the works.

“This incredible cast is shaping up who I can’t really talk about yet. I’m terrified. It’s a huge, huge responsibility to tell anyone’s story, but someone who is such an icon and so inspirational to me and to really try to paint him in a light that I think he would be proud of and not just give in to all the sort of stereotypes that you hear about his story.”

Listen to the entire interview:

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