This week on Martha Live, Martha Stewart was joined by tattoo artist Joseph Ari Aloi, also known as JK5. Self-described on his website as “a multidisciplinary artist, relentless drawing machine, hyper-creator, renaissance man, visual linguist, self professed mythology and sci-fi nerd, father, and an ever inventive, world renowned tattoo artist for almost 20 years.” With a bio like that, its no surprise he was able to get to the bottom of Martha’s thoughts on tattoos, and they might surprise you.

“If I were gonna get a tattoo, I’d probably have a quote from one of my favorite authors or something … I’d like a whole page of a book on me someplace, if, that I could read,” she said. ” … or very difficult equations, mathematical equations or something that nobody could understand, except for me.”

“I like looking at paintings and gardens and things, but I don’t have to look at that on me … Secrets I would like on me. But I’m not gonna do it,” Stewart added.

Ultimately, Stewart revealed: “I don’t mind the tattoos on people, they don’t repulse me in any way. They’re kind of interesting … but I just don’t understand, living in the United States, for example, with just ordinary human beings, why they’re adorning themselves.”

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