Marshawn Lynch’s mother: ‘I’m a Bay Area girl, so I’m a Raider girl’

Delisa Lynch couldn’t be happier about the prospect of her son, Marshawn, coming out of the retirement he entered while with the Seattle Seahawks to join his hometown Oakland Raiders.

She is so enthusiastic, in fact, that she called into the SiriusXM Blitz to talk about it with co-hosts Maurice Jones-Drew, whom she knew from his time with the Raiders, and Cole Wright.

‘You tell me how I should feel if it does happen?’

“I have made so many relationships in Seattle, and Oakland is home for me,” Delisa said, noting that her brother, Lorenzo, played cornerback for the Raiders. “The Bay Area, I grew up, born and raised, so I’ve always been a Bay Area girl, so I’m a Raider girl. You tell me how I should feel if it does happen?

“But I will not give up my relationship with nobody in Seattle. I still go to like Ocean Shores, I do events, I do motivational speeches for the young ladies in trouble and uplifting, so I still have a lot of things going on in Seattle that will continue.”

‘I said a long time ago, if he retires, he would be back’

Although she is close to her son, Delisa said the running back has not shared with her much in the way of details about his next move.

“Marshawn and I don’t really discuss football like that, but I can see like a little glow,” she said. “But I said that a long time ago, even before retirement, that if he retires, he would be back. I’ll give him some time, but that’s what I kept saying, thinking he was going to come back last year. … The town is buzzing and everybody is loving it and I am, too.

‘He has a lot of fan base in Seattle’

“But I will not give up (on ties with Seattle), because he has a lot of fan base in Seattle. That’s my following in Seattle, too. But Oakland is home.”

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