Mario Lopez isn’t a womanizer (anymore), he has zero beef with Maria Menounos + what it was like to kiss a dude

Mario Lopez sat down with Howard today and, as is often the case on Howard, spilled the beans about all sorts of rumors, including his formerly infamous womanizing ways, his alleged feud with former Extra co-host Maria Menounos, what it was like to kiss a guy in the Lifetime Greg Louganis biopic and his secret to staying on good terms with all his exes.

Lopez, who has developed a reputation for being quite the ladies man (and even for not being the most faithful of partners), spoke candidly with Howard about his past behavior, when it changed and why he is now a one-woman man.

“It’s been about five or six years [since I was with another woman] … I don’t think people change, I think you are who you are. But I do think you grow up. And stuff sort of gets redundant,” Lopez said. “And I don’t think it’s about meeting the right person — everyone says it’s about meeting the right person. It really is about the timing in your life. The timing in your life as an individual. The timing in the other person’s [life]. It’s got to really make sense and I was so, so blessed to meet my wife when I did.”

Howard then touched on rumors that Lopez and Menounos did not get along on the set of their show. Howard wanted to get to the bottom of it, but Lopez insisted they were never on bad terms. “I had no problem with her … I got along with her just fine. She was cool with my kids … We went to dinner with her and her boyfriend,” he told Howard.

So, what else? What was it like for the “notoriously” heterosexual Lopez to kiss a man for his role in the Lifetime Greg Louganis biopic? No biggie.

“The [other] dude wanted to rehearse, to make it seem like it was very natural and we do it all the time,” he said, explaining how he and his straight co-star rehearsed and executed on their roles as two homosexual men. Joking that after all that practice, they cut the scene. But, he said, he was just playing a role and his only concern was about his father. “I was more worried about my old man and what he would think. But he was cool with it.”

Lopez also spoke about ex-girlfriends, including his romance with his Dancing with the Stars co-star Karina Smirnoff, who he says he is still on good terms with, like most of his exes. “You can’t end things in an ugly way. You gotta be a man about things. You gotta come correct,” Lopez said.

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