Mariah Carey’s new album title might’ve been leaked, but she’s not mad — she’s getting even

We’re not sure what’s more appropriate: Mariah Carey visiting the SiriusXM studios in a white ball gown, diamond-encrusted earrings, and a fur throw, or Mariah Carey acting mega-classy at the prospect of someone leaking her upcoming album title. Let’s just go with both.

Stopping by for a chat with The Heat DJ Free, Mariah touched on everything from working with Trey Songz and the “sexy” Miguel (#Beautiful) to how she feels about her former album title, The Art of Letting Go, being leaked.

“What is pop? Pop has to be inspired and influenced by a different genre of music to become popular music,” mused Mariah. “I feel like I make all types of music.”

“What is The Art of Letting Go?” asked Free.

“That’s not the title of the album,” said Mariah. “It’s the title of a song… that title was leaked. And I was like, you know what? Just for that, I’m not calling the album that anymore.”

“So,” pressed Free. What is the new title?”

“As yet untitled,” replied Mariah with a smirk. Guess that settles it!

Watch Mariah’s interview with The Heat below.

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