Maria Menounos and Tony Hale get candid about IVF: He ‘kind of enjoyed’ giving shots to his wife!

Maria Menounos is on a mission to become a mother, and the long journey has now led her to try in vitro fertilization.

One major drawback? She has to give herself hormone shots, a painful and anxiety-ridden daily process.

“I’m like, is this a sign? Does God not want me to have kids?” she said to guest Tony Hale, whose wife went through IVF to conceive their daughter Loy, on Wednesday’s episode of Conversations with Maria Menounos. “Should I be listening to the universe instead of jabbing myself with multiple injections? Last night at like 10:30, I literally was like a junkie.”

“I had to give those shots to my wife,” the Veep star said, adding with a laugh, “I actually kind of enjoyed it! I remember having shots as a kid and being sort of freaked out about it, and just kind of giving the shot, it didn’t bother me as much.”

But Menounos’ fiance Keven Undergaro is far too scared to play doctor with her.

“Oh my god, he can’t. Even in my most desperate moment, I had to like put it in and then he plunged, just once. He couldn’t handle it,” she said. “I’ve forced myself in a weird way to kind of like it. I’m like, ‘Okay, this is gonna feel good, even though it burns and stings and hurts.’ I’m trying to do the opposite.”

Menounos, 37, said she learned how to cope from a nurse who helped her through her first round of treatment.

“When she would come, I would look at a picture of my dogs and I would smile, and it would help, so the pain was alleviated a little. I’ve trained myself to enjoy the injections,” she said, joking, “So I’m going to be a great heroin junkie some day!”

Listen to the clip below to hear what advice Hale, 45, has for Menounos:

Conversations with Maria Menounos airs weekdays at 1 pm ET on SiriusXM Stars (Ch. 109).

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