SiriusXM NBA Radio’s Malik Rose played for four teams over 13 seasons in the NBA, winning championships with the San Antonio Spurs in 1999 and 2003. Translation: He knows the Association. In this monthly feature, Rose counts down his top six players, coaches, cities or facts within a specific category.

Top 6 Worst Dressed Coaches

  1. Mike D’Antoni – Didn’t he spend like 20 years over in Italy before he came to the NBA?? Definitely can’t tell! LOL!
  2. Stan Van Gundy – I love him, but I’m surprised that black blazer doesn’t follow him to games by now.
  3. Jeff Van Gundy – I love him too, but my science teacher needs his sports coat back.
  4. Gregg Popovich – I feel like I’m about to be cussed out as I type this. LOL!
  5. Brad Stevens – Refuses to spend a time. Rumor has it, he still has his per diem from Butler’s first championship game.
  6. Tom Thibodeau – Awesome guy and super coach, but clearly spends all his time making game plans and not studying the latest fashions.

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