SiriusXM NBA Radio’s Malik Rose played for four teams over 13 seasons in the NBA, winning championships with the San Antonio Spurs in 1999 and 2003. Translation: He knows the Association. In this monthly feature, Rose counts down his top six players, coaches, cities or facts within a specific category.

Top 6 Road Trip Cities

  1. Miami. Duh!!! South Beach!
  2. New York City. I just love the trill of possibly being mugged. LOL!
  3. Los Angeles. I get a kick out of trying to guess which waitress is going to be the next Hollywood star.
  4. Toronto. Caribana!
  5. Seattle and Vancouver (TIE). Come on Commissioner Silver, do the right thing: Bring the Sonics back! And damn those Memphis Grizzlies!!
  6. Houston. I so love my Creole roots 🙂

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