‘Making a Murderer’ prosecutor addresses 5 big questions we all have

Anyone who spent the final days of 2015 glued to a screen for an emotional binge of Netflix’s Making a Murderer is left with many questions. POTUS host and lawyer Michael Smerconish asked former Calumet Country District Attorney Ken Kratz to address five issues we’re all obsessing over:

Why wasn’t Teresa Halbach’s blood found in Steven Avery’s bedroom? Kratz says the documentary was unclear about where prosecutors believe the murder happened.

Was the discovery of the SUV key in Avery’s bedroom suspicious? Kratz doesn’t believe so.

Was Steven Avery’s blood planted in the SUV, as his defense lawyers suggest? 

Was Brendan Dassey’s confession coerced?

Did the documentary leave out incriminating evidence? Kratz says yes. The most important piece, in his opinion, was DNA evidence on the hood latch of Teresa Halbach’s SUV.

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