Major Garrett: Trump supporters love when ‘he sticks his fingers in the eyes of reporters’

From the lobby of Trump Tower Tuesday, Pres. Trump unexpectedly fielded questions from reporters and doubled-down on his claim that the violence in Charlottesville was “blame on both sides.”

And while his commentary has many up in arms, his harsh rhetoric and attacks on the media and what he’s dubbed the “alt-left” has earned the support of some.

“In a moment like this, some will love it simply because he sticks his fingers in the eyes of reporters,” Major Garrett, CBS News’ chief White House correspondent, told Julie Mason Tuesday.

Garrett, who covered Trump throughout the 2016 campaign, added that this reaction from his base shouldn’t be a surprise.

“They would parcel out things that they either found discomforting or repellent about Trump and set them aside,” Garrett said of Trump supporters. “The list of reasons people who still support Trump still support Trump are varied. They cannot be easily summarized.”

But Garrett said there’s one common theme that keeps many in Trump’s corner.

“This idea that he can’t catch a break is part in parcel of the system still trying to knock him back down.”

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AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

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