Magic Johnson has an opinion, and he’s not all that afraid about the reaction his opinion might spark. This season, Johnson’s drawn the ire of Lakers fans and members of the organization for pointing out what, to everybody else, is painfully obvious:

The Lakers stink.

While Johnson told Frank Isola on SiriusXM NBA Radio’s The Starting Lineup that he doesn’t care much what others think about his outspokenness regarding the Lakers, he did suggest that things could take a turn for the better in L.A. sooner than later.

“They could actually get back [into contention] next season,” Johnson said. “This offseason is gonna be important. The next two offseasons will be important for the Lakers. First of all, they’re gonna be out of the playoffs, so they’re gonna get a good draft pick. And if they trade [Pau] Gasol, like they’re talking about, then they can get two good draft picks.

“So, you draft two good young players, get a healthy Kobe Bryant back on the court, and then you got almost $30 million in cap space to you, available to sign a free agent,” Johnson continued. “Whether that’s Carmelo if he leaves […] or if LeBron opts out, Chris Bosh can opt out, all these guys can opt out, and then you take a run at these guys, you may get lucky and get one of them. And if you don’t, you still have that cap space for the next free agent group as well.”

Johnson also evoked the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks in drawing up a blueprint for success for Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni.

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