Another week comes to an end on Mad Dog Unleashed with another week of sports talk in the books. Plenty of action to pack into this week, and we’ll start with Peter King who joined Dog for his weekly spot (Tuesdays at 4pm ET). They discussed a variety of things, including the potential for the Seahawks and Lions to fall out of the playoffs.

Peter’s points with the Lions are spot on, but are they surprising? I know Detroit got off to a hot start, but with the way their offense is playing, does anyone really think they are a legitimate threat in the NFC? As far as I’m concerned, the Packers are the only threat in the NFC. I don’t think Green Bay is going to lose a game again until, potentially, the Super Bowl. Aaron Rodgers is playing that well, and they are rolling over teams right now. As for Seattle, it really is amazing. Teams that win the Super Bowl usually suffer from let downs year after year. 100% agree with Peter; the Seahawks are going to miss the playoffs entirely. They are looking at a 9-7 record and no games played in January.

While we stick with the football theme, we also had Gary Danielson on earlier in the week for his weekly spot (4:35 pm ET on Mondays), and Gary and Dog reviewed the jam-packed weekend from all the college football, but they also broke down what they expect moving forward in the college football playoff. Gary Danielson had some interesting things to say about Ohio State.

We are definitely down to seven teams left in the hunt for the final four. All current top four teams (Alabama, Florida State, Oregon, Mississippi State) have to win out to make the playoff. If any of them drop a game, they will find themselves outside looking in –  including an undefeated Florida State. Florida State is going to scream if they lose a game and don’t make the tournament. But it’s clear, being that they aren’t number one now, they can’t afford a loss to a team like Duke and survive. Gary thinks that if Ohio State wins out, they are going to jump Mississippi State – even if they win out, that I’m not sure. He makes a strong point: in the first year, are they really going to not take a team from the Big 12 or Big 10? Seems like a long shot, but can you really make a case that Ohio State is better than Mississippi State, whose only loss would be Alabama on the road by less than a touchdown? I think Ohio State would jump both TCU and Baylor, but I think they’ll find themselves sitting at fifth if none of the top four lose.

Alright, so the big fish this week was Al Michaels, who has a new book, You Can’t Make This Up, which came out earlier this week. Al had had a tremendous career and Chris got some interesting stories about the less-known earlier portions of his career. Check it out.

The book is a good read. It’s light and easy, but the stories are interesting, whether you are interested in broadcasting or not. He tells a fun story, and there is plenty of great insight in the sports world throughout the book. Most people aren’t really familiar with Al other than, of course, 1980 and Lake Placid and then moving forward with Monday Night and Sunday Night Football, but the first decade or so of his career is amazing. The Bobby Valentine story is remarkable. I had no idea about this at all, despite the countless times we have had Bobby V on the air (he was a weekly guest of ours a few years ago). There are plenty of other great stories in the book. I know it sounds like an advertisement, but it’s a legitimate endorsement. Check it out.

Stream of Consciousness

Lock in the Patriots in this year’s Super Bowl. It really would be remarkable if Peyton Manning only wins one Super Bowl. Haven’t we all just assumed he was going to win another at some point?… The Houston Texans will make the playoffs. You heard it here first… The weather in Buffalo was truly remarkable. I spent four years at Syracuse but never saw anything like that… I only used to care about college football games in November that impacted the BCS Bowls; now I only care about November games that impact the Final Four. Does anyone care who is in the Fiesta Bowl this year?… If the Red Sox pay Pablo Sandoval nine figures, they are going to regret that contract… Everyone seems to love the Russell Martin deal. I think the Blue Jays totally overpaid for him… The Chicago Bulls look like they will absolutely win the Eastern Conference this year, with or without Derrick Rose… Anyone who actually thinks Kentucky could beat the 76ers doesn’t understand anything about sports…

Tweet of the Week

Good or bad, positive or negative, we provide you with the best tweet sent to @MadDogUnleashed …

He makes a strong point. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Chris does seem to yell quite a bit.

Apparently It All Starts in Oakland

Chicago Bears defensive end Lamarr Houston tore his ACL against the Patriots while celebrating a sack on Tom Brady when the Bears were down by about 12 touchdowns. Houston joined Chicago from the Raiders in the offseason. Now we see where he gets it from. It’s hysterical that the Raiders could have blown the whole game thanks to a sack celebration. Unfortunately, they snuck in a timeout and still won the game.

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Mad Dog Underground

In Episode 18, Babchik and Billy Z sit down with Mad Dog Russo! The guys ask Mad Dog about his thoughts on the channel, some movies, and his old partner.

Next Week on MDU

Short week on MDU, but we are going to cram plenty of football into three days for you. We will have all our regulars, Gary Danielson, Greg McElroy, Ira Kaufman, Peter King and Herm Edwards (Herm and Greg will move to Wednesday), but we are also scheduled to be joined by Phil Simms and Troy Aikman. It should be a great week of sports talk as we gear up for an incredible day of football on Thanksgiving.

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