The video of Ray Rice viciously knocking out his fiancée surfaced on Monday morning after TMZ published it onto their website. This footage, as well as how the NFL, specifically Roger Goodell, handled the situation, got our own Christopher Russo quite fired up. Here are his opening thoughts on Monday:

As you can hear, Russo has an absolutely epic rant. He questioned why Goodell didn’t make an effort to see the tape, and questions the NFL claims that they couldn’t track down the tape. As the story developed, we found out more about the NFL’s investigation, but from what we knew on Monday, Mad Dog was right on the money.

As the story continued to develop throughout the week, Mad Dog changed his attention, not just on how Goodell botched this investigation, but about the behavior of NFL owners and the hypocrisy of your words. More vintage Russo; check it out:

Dog’s main point is that money doesn’t make you a better person. Here we have all these owners that have billions of dollars, but that doesn’t make them better than any of us. In fact, on some occasions, that money makes them think they can get away with more than the average person because they can throw money at a problem and make it go away.

Regardless, he just shreds the NFL billionaires.

Dog wasn’t finished. On Wednesday night, word came down that the 49ers had suspended their radio broadcaster, Ted Robinson, two games for comments he made on KNBR radio in San Francisco. Robinson stated, “How does she marry him after that? How does she go in front of Goodell? That’s pathetic to me.” Russo had enough on all the hypocrisy and went off again.

I think this is the best point that Doggie made all week. The San Francisco 49ers suspended Ted Robinson for two games, the same length the NFL originally suspended Ray Rice for in the first place, for those comments. If you want to tell Ted he’s out of line and force him to apologize, I would totally understand that, but to suspend him two games, while allowing Ray McDonald to play, is ludicrous. If the Niners had suspended McDonald indefinitely until this legal situation was resolved, and then suspended Ted Robinson additionally, then I could accept it. But to allow McDonald to play and to suspend a broadcaster is so hypocritical it’s hard to comprehend.

Stream of Consciousness

Chris Davis is having a bad year, but losing his bat will really hurt the Orioles in the postseason … Paul George’s tweets on the Ray Rice situation were horrible, but the NFL has mismanaged this so poorly that he has managed to fly mostly under the radar … The Chicago Bears loss to the Buffalo Bills showed they aren’t the surprise playoff team many were predicting … Ken Whisenhunt has the Tennessee Titans on the right track … The Patriots will still win the East, but this is going to be the year we mark as the beginning of the end of the Patriots dynasty … This will be the worst New York Giants season since before Bill Parcells coached the team … Not a great week of college football this week, but next week things will heat up … It’s amazing that the Oakland A’s and Milwaukee Brewers could both miss the playoffs after leading their respective divisions for almost the whole season … Mike Trout is having his worst year of his first three with the Angels, yet this is the year he’s going to win MVP … Has anyone noticed that Indians pitcher Corey Kluber might be having the best season in the American League? … Does anyone think Jason Heyward is having the best year in the National League? Because according to WAR he is, which is why I don’t love that stat …

Tweet of the Week

Good or bad, positive or negative, we provide you with the best tweet sent to @MadDogUnleashed …

Ryan wasn’t alone, everyone loved Dog’s passion this week.

Video of the Week

A pause from the usual humor from these videos for this brutal beaning of Marlins’ star Giancarlo Stanton. I don’t think it was intentional, but a fastball off the face is horrible. Hopefully Stanton will be OK.

[mlbvideo id=”36174175″ width=”600″ height=”336″ /]

Mad Dog Underground

In episode 12, Babchik and Billy Z discuss what Dog was like at the Tom Petty concert, Doggie’s visit in studio with Evan & Phillips, and wonder: What super hero did Mad Dog say owns an NFL franchise? Plus, check out the video of Dog jammin’ to Free Fallin’ at the Petty show here!

Next Week on MDU

Hopefully next week we will have most of this Ray Rice tragedy behind us. And that’s what it is, when you see what happened to Janay Palmer-Rice, and how the NFL handled everything. It’s a tragedy. If so, we’ll get our focus back to on-the-field news with all our regulars: Gary Danielson on Monday, Peter King on Tuesday, Ira Kaufman on Wednesday, Steve Phillips on Thursday and Greg McElroy and Herm Edwards on Friday. We also will be joined in studio by author Hampton Sides, who is a tremendous writer and has written some of the most compelling history books you will ever read. His day is still TBD, but he has a new book out called Kingdom of Ice, so make sure you look for that.

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