It was another week of Mad Dog hammering the NFL. After focusing on the Ray Rice situation last week, the Adrian Peterson story was the focus this week, and Roger Goodell spent the week in hiding. As pressure mounted, Russo wanted to know where the Commissioner disappeared to.

Dog is right here. Goodell needed to get out in front of this thing. Even if he was just issuing statements stating how alarmed the NFL was, and how the NFL was working on changing policies that are insufficient. Goodell waited until Friday to address this situation, and by then, the fire had become a raging inferno. It’s also a sad state of affairs with the amount of athletes that came to the defense of Adrian Peterson. I agree that Peterson had that done to him, and felt that was a way to parent, but ignorance is no excuse.

Herm Edwards is a weekly guest to Doggie’s program, and he joined Chris amid this controversy. Edwards talked about how when he coached, players in trouble didn’t play, plain and simple. He made some great points with Dog; check it out.

Herm’s points are tremendous. It’s nice to see that there is a coach out there with some morals and some integrity, who refused to play players when they were in trouble with the law. There aren’t many coaches who do that. Coaches put winning above all else, and it’s good to see that Herm did not. He did the right thing.

We didn’t just talk about the off-the-field NFL issues all week. We did some baseball as well. Steve Phillips joined Dog for his weekly spot. They discussed a number of topics, including the fact that Fox moved the NLCS to Fox Sports One.

Dog couldn’t believe it. There’s a lot of yelling. Take a listen.

Dog is 100 percent right. This is MLB’s Final Four. It’s bad enough that one of the series is on TBS instead of both on network television (or at least ESPN), but for Bud Selig and MLB to allow Fox to move the games to FS1 is ridiculous. There is a contract. The contract says Fox. MLB needs to dig their heels in and say, “No, we’ll be staying on Fox.” And if Fox is upset and doesn’t renew when the contract is up (they won’t be), fine. Then ESPN and ABC can have the games. We’ll all be better off.

A caller called in and asked if Derek Jeter is the greatest shortstop of all-time. Russo thought about it, and you would be surprised about his answer. Take a listen.

It’s near impossible to rank the likes of Honus Wagner against modern-day players. If someone wants to call him the greatest shortstop of all-time, you can’t argue against it, but you can’t really argue for it either. The game was so different then. The one point I disagree with is Dog doesn’t really consider Ernie Banks a shortstop, because he played about 40 percent of his career at first base when he was aging. To me, Banks is the greatest shortstop of all-time. His best years were at shortstop, including a pair of MVPs. He hit over 500 career home runs, which no other shortstop can claim except for Alex Rodriguez (who loses this argument thanks to PED use). Jeter is great, and he’s in the argument, but he’s know Ernie Banks.

Stream of Consciousness

The Falcons’ destruction of the Buccaneers on Thursday was the worst beating of an NFL team that I have seen since the Bears beat the Cowboys 44-0 in 1985 … The NFL has endured the worst two-week stretch of PR of any sport I have ever seen, which includes baseball in 1994, when they canceled the World Series … The Broncos, Eagles and Bengals are undefeated, but amazingly, so are the Texans, Bills, Cardinals and Panthers … It’s amazing that Mark Richt is in control of a major college football program. He proved his shortcomings again last week … If the Oakland A’s somehow miss the playoffs, Bob Melvin is gone … Ron Roenicke is another manager that should be polishing up his resume … I’m not going to belittle Ron Washington’s personal life, but as far as I’m concerned, you don’t get to quit your job because you cheated on your wife … Does Jameis Winston realize that NFL teams are already frowning upon him? … Congratulations to Devin Hester, what a tremendous career …

Tweet of the Week

Good or bad, positive or negative, we provide you with the best tweet sent to @MadDogUnleashed …

Like I said, good or bad, positive or negative. Hey, at least he’s listening.

Yeah, Jeets.

Gatorade did a great commercial that started making the rounds this week. If you are a sports fan, you’ll love this Derek Jeter ad.

Goin’ at it as hard as they can

CBS Studios put together a cartoon short of an old Mike & the Mad Dog argument. If you haven’t seen it, it’s hysterical. Check it out.

Mad Dog Underground

In episode 13, Babchik and Billy Z discuss Dog’s latest obsession with Teddy Roosevelt, the aftermath of Russo’s lunch, and who is getting more phone calls into their show: Stephen A Smith, or the Doggie?

Next Week on MDU

Plenty to do next week. NFL reaction on Monday, including the Super Bowl rematch between the Broncos and Seahawks. We’ll have all our weeklies on: Gary Danielson on Monday, Peter King on Tuesday, Ira Kaufman on Wednesday, Steve Phillips on Thursday and Herm Edwards and Greg McElroy on Friday. Plus, we’ll do some Ryder Cup with Fred Couples and Johnny Miller.

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