Lynda Carter a.k.a Wonder Woman: ‘We thought we had to act like men’

Smart women have to deal with the added burden of not coming off too smart, according to former Wonder Woman Lynda Carter, and when you add beauty to those brains, she says, talking to Jenny McCarthy, a woman really has two choices— She can either try to put people at ease or make herself smaller, which she says many try and fail to do.

Another example of a woman with brains who Carter says has had to manage her intelligence around others? Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“Hillary Clinton is just naturally brilliant. She outthinks everyone that she is around at all times, because she has so many areas of brilliance. She can hold so much more information that, over the years, [she has had] to not appear to be talking over someone because [she gets] it and they don’t,” Carter said before going on to tell of a conversation she had with Clinton about this exact challenge.

But that’s not the only advice she gives smart women, hear what she says is one of the biggest mistakes women tend to make.

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