Lubbock –> Austin: Willie’s Roadhouse playlist from Dallas Wayne

What makes Willie Nelson’s On The Road Again the perfect road trip song? Well, according to Willie’s Roadhouse DJ Dallas Wayne, On The Road Again has “forward momentum.” In fact, all of Dallas’ favorite road trip songs have “a certain amount of propulsion.” But On The Road Again? That’s “the National Anthem of traveling tunes.”

Yep, Willie’s Roadhouse plays a plethora of travelin’ tunes — everything from Route 66 by Asleep at the Wheel to Truck Drivin’ Man by Buck Owens. So, let’s just say you decide to take after fellow Texan Willie Nelson and have yourself a little Texas road trip: from Lubbock to Austin, two cities that especially agree with Willie’s Roadhouse.

“The two songs [from this road trip playlist] that jump out to me the most are Route 66 and On The Road Again by Willie Nelson,” says Dallas. “They’re Texas artists, and On The Road Again came from the movie Honeysuckle Rose, which was all about the free spirit of the open road. It was the perfect title song for that movie. It was all filmed down there in Texas.”

Later, Dallas opened up about what he feels makes a great road trip song: “I think a road trip song should be something that helps propel you down the road. Something that can help you pass the time.”

But creating a playlist isn’t the only thing that Dallas loves about road trips. He also loves “just gettin’ away and shutting down. Putting work behind you, getting life behind you, and just seeing what’s out there. It’s a great way to just decompress.”

Check out Willie’s Roadhouse’s road trip playlist from Lubbock to Austin, TX.

1. Willie Nelson – On the Road Again
2. Dave Dudley – Six Days on the Road
3. Asleep at the Wheel – Route 66
4. Eddie Rabbit – Driving My Life Away
5. C.W. McCall – Convoy
6. Merle Haggard – Movin’ On
7. John Anderson – Chicken Truck
8. Jerry Reed – East Bound and Down
9. Buck Owens – Truck Drivin’ Man
10. Jim & Jesse – Diesel On My Tail

Austin, TX –> Dallas, TX


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