Rams’ CB Marcus Peters: ‘We get to write a whole history with this’

ATLANTA — Marcus Peters feels he has been on an amazing ride since the Kansas City Chiefs traded him to the Los Angeles Rams last March.

The cornerback has experienced the good and bad on a road that has led him and his team here, for Super Bowl LIII against the New England Patriots.

‘I just felt the love around the building’

“It’s been a fun and unique experience for me … just going through that whole (trade) process and then just when I first got (to Los Angeles), man, I just felt the love around the building,” Peters told SiriusXM NFL Radio’s Kirk Morrison. I just knew everybody was willing to work hard. I knew everybody was about the team, everybody wanted the same goals to happen. So I just wanted to come in and just go to work.

“I know my capabilities in this league. I know I can play at a high level.”

“I’ve been enjoying this all whole season through the ups and the downs and then we’re here at the end of the point, our last little shot. We get to write a whole history with this, our story for this year. So it’s been a blessing, really.”

‘I learned how to adjust’

Peters admittedly didn’t have the “dominant season” he has been used to having as a college player at Washington and during three seasons with the Chiefs. He also found himself carrying the weight of the secondary while the Rams’ other cornerback, Aqib Talib, missed half the season with an ankle injury.

“I learned how to adjust,” Peters said. “I know my my capabilities in his league. I know I can play at a high level. I went through that one phase of four games (where) I gave a lot up a lot of touchdowns and the play just wasn’t as consistent as it would be in the past. But that’s just the part of growth. I’m in year four, I’ve got a whole lot of football left.”

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