Looking back at MLB Network Radio’s hosts’ preseason predictions

With three weeks remaining in the season, the Kansas City Royals sit atop the American League Central. The Royals, who haven’t been to the postseason since winning the World Series in 1985, may be surprise playoff contenders to some … but not to MLB Network Radio’s “experts.”

Our former General Managers Jim Bowden and Jim Duquette, and Jeff Joyce had the Royals winning the AL Central. Power Alley’s Mike Ferrin, Inside Pitch’s Casey Stern, MLB Roundtrip’s Mike Stanton, Grant Paulsen, Mel Antonen and Scott Braun saw Kansas City taking the top wild card spot. First Pitch’s tandem of Jim Memolo and Todd Hollandsworth, and MLB Roundtrip’s Steve Sax, had the Royals taking the final AL playoff spot. The other 16 hosts and analysts predicted the second place Tigers would win the division.

Even though 12 experts predicted the Royals to make the postseason, nobody predicted they would get out of the American League and play in the World Series.

Stay tuned.

The Angels have the best record in baseball, and while none of the experts had them in the World Series, six of our experts predicted they would win the American League West. Six others had the second place Athletics winning the West, and the final six had the Rangers taking the division.

Texas, decimated by injuries, has the worst record in baseball. Sorry, but we can’t win them all.

The last place Tampa Bay Rays have also been a disappointment to MLB Network Radio’s experts. Fourteen of the 18 hosts and analysts polled predicted the Rays would win the American League East. Two others had them winning a wild card berth, and only Antonen and Braun said they would miss the playoffs completely. (Antonen and Braun were also the only two hosts to predict that the first place Orioles would win the AL East.) Eight of the experts predicted the Rays would reach the World Series and Hollandsworth, Ferrin and Stanton even had Tampa Bay winning it all.

In the National League, we may as well use the word “genius” instead of expert to describe MLB Network Radio’s hosts and analysts. All 18 predicted the first-place Nationals and Cardinals would win their division. 16 others predicted that the first-place Dodgers would win the National League West. Hollandsworth and Ferrin predicted that the second-place Giants would win the division while Antonen took a chance on the Diamondbacks winning the West. Paulsen, who also hosts Minors and Majors on Sundays at 8 am ET, had the Diamondbacks winning a wild card. Arizona has the second-worst record in the NL.

All of the geniuses could still correctly predict the National League pennant winner. Memolo, Stern, CJ Nitkowski, Paulsen and Scott Miller predicted the Cardinals would win the pennant and the World Series. Hollandsworth, Ferrin, Duquette, Joyce, Sax, Antonen, Rich Herrera and Braun predicted the Nationals would win the National League. (Duquette, Joyce, and Antonen said they would win it all.) Bowden, Stanton, Lidge, Kevin Kennedy, Jeff Rickard and Sax said the Dodgers would represent the NL in the Fall Classic. Bowden, Lidge, Rickard and former Dodgers Sax and Kennedy predicted the Dodgers would win the Commissioner’s Trophy.

MLB Network Radio 2014 predictions

So as we enter the final month of the regular season, follow the pennant races with an added rooting interest. How smart will your favorite MLB Network Radio hosts and analysts look when the calendar hits October? Tune into MLB Network Radio all month on Sirius 209 XM 89.


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