Most Valuable Player, 2015 NBA champion, second in field-goal percentage, and league leader in 3-pointers for the third straight year. It was truly an incredible season for Golden State Warriors’ point guard Stephen Curry, and he has, without a doubt, established himself as one of the NBA’s elite.

But just how much of a top-tier player is Curry, and what kind of legacy will he build throughout the rest of his career? NBA TV’s Trey Kerby tackled the question on Bleacher Report Radio.

“He, to me, is going to go down in history as the greatest 3-point shooter in the league, just because he’s six seasons into his career and he basically has every postseason record for 3-pointers,” Kerby said. “He’s the first guy to ever lead the league in threes for three straight years, and you look at the rest of the league, and who is going to start taking Steph Curry’s 3-point title? It’s probably going to be him just winning the title for 3-pointers year, after year, after year.”

Kerby shared his opinion on where Curry will rank among NBA players beyond this past season.

“You have to be able to shoot, and Steph Curry is still going to be the best shooter, so it’s impossible to say he’s going to be anything worse than probably a top-five player,” said Kerby. “You just see the fear in the opponents eyes as soon as he gets past half court.”

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