Logan Thomas Discusses ACL Recovery, Learning the Offense, and QB Sam Howell

Washington Commanders’ tight end Logan Thomas recently joined SiriusXM NFL Radio to discuss various topics, including his recovery from ACL surgery, adapting to the new offensive system under offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, and his thoughts on quarterback Sam Howell.

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New Offensive System:

Logan Thomas expressed optimism about the Commanders’ outlook, highlighting the team’s enthusiasm in learning a new offensive system. He noted the similarities between the system implemented by offensive coordinator Bieniemy and the successful schemes utilized by the Kansas City Chiefs and head coach Andy Reid. The team aims to replicate the tight end-centric approach that has proven successful for the Chiefs.

“Learning a new offense and getting used to the system [has been a great experience]. You’ve seen what Kansas City has done in the past… we’re trying to mimic that,” said Thomas.

ACL Recovery:

The conversation shifted to Thomas’s personal journey, from transitioning from quarterback to tight end to overcoming a torn ACL. Thomas acknowledged the challenges he faced during his recovery but expressed optimism about his progress. He credited the offseason break for rejuvenating him and stated that he feels explosive and reminiscent of his younger self.

“I feel like where I was at in 2020, maybe even better. I think having a little bit of off time during the spring and the start of training camp last year kind of let me get a little bit refreshed.” Thomas continued, “I feel like my younger self again, and I’m excited to see what the year holds.”

Sam Howell:

Thomas shared his impressions of quarterback Sam Howell, praising his multi-dimensional approach to the game. He highlighted Howell’s ability to see the field from both a receiver and running back’s perspective, which adds a unique element to his playing style. He expressed confidence in Howell’s catchable ball and emphasized the positive rapport he has built with his new quarterback.

“Sam’s a baller, man. He has a mind of somebody who’s not exactly a quarterback, he sees the field from a receiver standpoint sometimes and obviously when he’s running the ball, he sees it as a running back standpoint.” Thomas continued, “He’s special in that regard and I’m excited to see what he can do, but he throws a very catchable ball.”

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