Lockett: Seahawks ‘always going to have each other’s back’

With the Seattle Seahawks mired in controversy after an explosive piece in ESPN The Magazine revealed all sorts of acrimony within the team, questions linger about the atmosphere in the locker room.

Wide receiver Tyler Lockett, for one, thinks it’s a storm the Seahawks will have no problem weathering. Why?

‘(Pete Carroll) allows us to come as we are’

Because of their “amazing” coach, Pete Carroll and his ability to let the players be themselves.

“If you’re an outspoken type of person, then that’s cool,” Lockett told Vic Carucci and Phil Savage on Late Hits. “If you’re somebody who has to be quiet to go out there and be your best, that’s cool. If you have to listen to music and talk trash and do whatever you need to do, that’s cool. He allows us to come as we are.

‘Families are going to fight, but the thing is we always understand the end goal in mind’

“And I think it’s amazing because I think fans see it all over. They see how we come together as no team before. They see how we’re there for each other, how it’s a brotherhood. And I mean, regardless, families are going to fight, but the thing is we always understand the end goal in mind. We have the end goal in mind and we’re always there for each other and we’re always going to have each other’s back.”

“So regardless of what’s happening, regardless of what’s being said, we’re always going to be there for one another, regardless of what anybody has to say because we’re a team and we’re brothers and it’s a brotherhood and that’s what it’s all about.”

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