Lithium’s Top 100: Counting down the best alternative and grunge tracks of the ’90s

This weekend, you’ll have a chance to hear the biggest, best and boldest music from the 1990s grunge era. SiriusXM is spotlighting the best alternative and grunge tracks from the ’90s with Lithium’s Top 100 Countdown!

Lithium host Hardy explains how they came to the final list.

Narrowing down a decade’s worth of music to a list of 100 was a great deal easier than one would think. It only required two teams of experts, working 1,700 miles apart. The first team consisted of 9 of the world’s top alternative and grunge music experts locked in a conference room in the former Kmart World Headquarters in Troy, MI.  These musicologists needed only 3 weeks to compile a list of songs they felt deserving of being on the Lithium Top 100.

But in what order?  That’s where the second team began their work, in a laboratory built nearly a quarter mile beneath the surface of a nondescript patch of New Mexico desert. There, 17 rogue scientists used math, Bunsen burners and a particle accelerator to determine what song was truly number 1, and which one was 2.  And 3.  And so on.

So, enjoy! And give a silent nod to the brave men and women who gave so much to give you the definitive, undeniable and absolute Lithium Top 100 Countdown. Unless you don’t agree with the list, in which case, blame Twitter and Facebook.

Hear the songs that defined the alternative and grunge signature sound of the 1990’s with hosts Hardy, Madison, Sluggo and Kat Corbett.

Tune in to Lithium’s Top 100 Countdown: Friday, May 26 @ 12 pm and 10 pm ET; Saturday, May 27 @ 9 am and 6 pm ET; Sunday, May 28 @ 11 am ET; and Monday, May 29 @ 12 am and 2 pm ET.

Also available On Demand! Part 1 & Part 2. 

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