Gamers have been eagerly awaiting information about Sony’s new Playstation 4 for months now, fearing bad news like they got from Microsoft with Xbox One, which imposed new fees on used game sales and mandatory Internet check-ins once every 24 hours. But Sony President/CEO Jack Tretton put all those worries to rest at the 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo, when he announced to thunderous applause that Sony will not impose any new DRM fees on used games, and will not impose mandatory internet check-ins.

The Sony CEO didn’t waste the opportunity to take a jab at the Xbox One, either. Listen to the clip above to hear the crowd making jokes at Microsoft’s expense.

The Playstion 4 will be available for the 2013 holiday season, costing $399.

Hear a live stream of the 2013 E3 conference from SiriusXM’s limited run channel E3 Radio, running from Tuesday June 11th – Thursday June 13.

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