‘Legendary’ Cubs’ pitcher Henry Rowengartner remembers filming with Gary Busey

It may be 107 years since the Chicago Cubs last won the World Series in real life, but it’s only been 22 in the world of cinema. Rookie of the Year

On Mad Dog Sports Radio’s Morning Men, Evan Cohen and Mike Babchik were joined by actor Thomas Ian Nicholas, who played Henry Rowengartner in Rookie of the Year. The actor shared some of his memories and experiences making the movie, including filming at the iconic Wrigley Field.

“There was one shot that we did at Wrigley during baseball season, which was in between a doubleheader, and that was Henry’s first visit to the mound,” Nicholas said. “So those 35,000 people you see in the stands were actually there.”

He continued:

“They were really chanting my name. So as I’m walking to the mound, 35,000 people are chanting ‘Henry;’ and for two minutes my name was Henry.”

Nicholas spoke about actor Gary Busey, and how he couldn’t maintain his character Chet “Rocket” Steadman’s calm demeanor off camera.

“He was the nicest to me on the set — he once carried me by my underwear a hundred feet across the lunchroom in front of 100 crew members. And once again, I repeat – he was the nicest to me.”

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